Predictive Maintenance: Infrared Thermographic Testing

Reducing downtime and avoid problems before they start can in the end save you money! Downtime due to electrical outages and mechanical failures is a real and serious problem facing the bottom lines of every company, especially the manufacturing sector. With the use of infrared thermographic testing, the causes of these breakdowns can often be located in their early stages and can isolate a problem to a specific part, thereby reducing the cost of total replacements.

Cook Industrial offers infrared thermographic testing in the state of Georgia and is certified in the techniques and principles necessary to provide a comprehensive, cost-fighting infrared maintenance program for your company.

A comprehensive thermographic survey can help you locate potential problems with:

  • Overloaded motors
  • Failing bearings
  • Pulley tension
  • Alignment
  • Failing Insulation
  • Loose Connections
  • Overloaded switches and wiring
  • Worn contacts

We can provide a professionally bound report of your facility as a whole or help you to troubleshoot a specific problem area . These are examples of some of the problems that are visible using thermographic imaging: