About Cook Industrial Electric Co. Inc.

Cook Industrial Electric Co. Inc. was founded in 1963 as an industrial and commercial electrical contractor, with a repair division offering 24-hour service on AC and DC motors and motor controls. Since its inception Cook Industrial Electric Co. Inc. has been an active member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), a worldwide organization devoted to maintaining the highest standards of performance and ethics for the benefit of industry as a whole. Over the years we’ve diversified by adding: Blueline Dryers, a manufacturing, sales, and service facility for gas-fired peanut and other crop dryers an industrial controls sales division, Cordele Metal Works, Inc., an industrial metal fabrication and machine shop an infrared inspection service for electrical and mechanical apparatus.

Cook Industrial Electric Co. Inc. was founded by Kenneth Cook, Sr., and has been serving the businesses in Georgia and the Southeast since 1963. While we have grown in both the products and the services we offer, and have seen dramatic technological, economic, and global changes alter the way we operate our business, our four generations of management have remained faithful to our original philosophy, which is:

To build ongoing relationships with our customers by offering products and services that will maximize their profits by increasing their productivity and minimizing downtime.

From our roots at Asa Pittman Electric in the 1920s, Cook Industrial Electric has evolved into a highly diversified company with a skill set that is rarely found in a rural area such as southwest Georgia, offering products and services throughout the world.